You Can Still Stream The 2014 iTunes Music Festival, A 90’s Rave Days Mix & More Fresh Free Music!

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Welcome back music lovers! Happy Friday! Throw your hands up in air and wave them around like you just don’t care. Today is a very special day because of all the free content I have to share with you, not to mention a flashback mixtape and a round up of new artists producing music you just can’t stop boppin to, so let’s get into it shall we?

First off we have the iTunes Music Festival at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin! A collection of music industry heavyweights rocking the crowd! Apple’s music festivals has been rocking music lovers at London’s Roundhouse venue annually since 2007. This time around Apple has decided to host the event in the US for the first time ever and has decided to give fans who couldn’t make it to the show some streaming options to view the festival live from the comfort of your couch!  Sit back and enjoy awesome performances from fifteen of the biggest names in the music industry including Coldplay, Kendrick Lamar, Soundgarden, Pitbull, Keith Urban and more!


You can stream the performance live or (for busy folk) after the festival for a limited time after March 15th! I love the fact that you can steam the shows and not miss a beat, even after your favorite performer has left the stage! Watch it live right now by using one of the streaming options below! Also check out the list of performances so far below!

Stream the iTunes Festival on an iPhone or iPad Apple has created an official iTunes Festival App available via iTunes or the App store. With the app users has access to information about the artists participating, links to selections from the iTunes music catalog, along with a complete schedule of the the festival performances. Live stream performances by downloading the iTunes SXSW Festival app from iTunes or the App Store then sit back and enjoy the show!


Stream the iTunes Festival on Apple TV Besides an app Apple also provides viewers an option with a new iTunes Festival channel to the Apple TV. The channel should already be available for all, in most cases featured prominently among the other channels found on the device’s home page. To stream performances, simply tune in during any of the concerts.


You can also watch it directly from Vevo. (You’ll need to be using Safari to do so)

Tuesday, March 11th –  Imagine Dragons, London Grammar, Coldplay

Wednesday, March 12th – Kendrick Lamar , ScHoolboy Q, Isaiah Rashad

Thursday, March 13th – Soundgarden, Band of Skulls, Capital Cities

Friday, March 14th – Pitbull, Zedd, G.R.L

Saturday, March 15th – Keith Urban, Willie Nelson, Mickey Guyton


– Fresh Free New Mixtape Discovery –

Artist: Dj Marky

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mixtape: Back To The Rave Dayz 1991 1992 Mixed by DJ Marky


My View: AMAZING MUSIC, AMAZING! I get a nostalgic feeling listening to this! You will too if you’re a fan of the 90’s rave scene. Enjoy this FREE MIXTAPE and let those memories of club nights and dancing till dawn come back!! There are many things I can say about this collection, but I’ll let the artist and his mix show you. Hit play after the description and dance!

Excerpt from Soundcloud: “Set dedicado a todos que curtiram a Sound Factory Penha em 1991-1992. Dedicated to all the DJ’s, labels and producers in UK that changed my life. Don’t forget the feedback, Nao esqueçam do feedback! Big Love,

DJ Marky”

Back to the rave days
1991/1992 Part I

Mixed By DJ Marky

1- Rhythm Section – Comin’ On Strong
2- SL2 – DJ’s Take Control [DJ Seduction Remix]
3- DJ PC – Control Expansion [Andy B. Remix]
4- Cameo – Money [Joey Beltram Remix]
5- Channel X – Rave The Rhythm
6- The Frequency – Kiss the Sky
7- Q Bass – Dancin’ People [E Type Remix]
8- N’Joi – Malfunction
9- Moby – Go [Rainforest Mix]
10- Altern 8 – Frequency
11- Bizarre Inc. – Playing With Knives
12- The Shamen – LSI [Ed Richards 12″ Mix]
13- Tronikhouse – Up Tempo [Reese Mix]
14- Elevation – Can You Feel It
15- Run Tings – Fires Burning [Mickey Finn Remix]
16- The House Crew – Maniac [Hypermix]
17- The Prodigy – Fire [Sunrise Version]
18- Krome & Time – Manic Stampede [DJ Hype’s Sandringham Road Mix]
19- F.O.A.D – Work It Out – The Redemption
20- Rufige Cru – Menace
21- Manix – Alright Wid Me
22- Foul Play – Finest Illusion [Legal Mix]
23- Run Tings – Back Again [Kaotic Chemistry Remix]
24- DJ Hype – Weird Energy
25- N.R.G. – I Need Your Lovin’ [C.J. Bolland Remix]
26- SL2 – Aftershock
27- D’Cruze – World Within a World [The Criminal Minds Remix]




Location: Erfenbach, Germany    Genre: Instrumentals/Hip-Hop



Awesome beats, surprising melodies and a sound that feels like you’re listening to an old record you just discovered in an underground shop are the feelings I get when listening to Kyn Krunk. Kyn certainly lives up to the Krunk!  Each of Kyn’s tracks are unique in that they provide the listener with such rich sonic textures that you can almost piece together your own cinematic story.  I found myself saying, “Yes!” a lot while listening to these beats. Check em out here and visit his facebook for more info!



Artist: ✞ЯфPKiLLΔℤ

Location: Brazil       Info: Tropkillaz is 808 BASS MUSIC  provided by DJ Zegon & Andre Laudz

Track: PUMP UP THE VOLUME – Tropkillaz & Meaux Green  Link:

I’m feeling this track very much! I like it so much I decided to stop mixing and producing to take some time out to tell you guys about it! I hope you rock out! The music itself tells the story. All you have to do is listen. It is also FREE to own! How cool is that? Your ears will go, “WOAH” and when that happens you know it is real.


Artist: SevnthWonder

Location: Boston, United States       Info: New music every Sunday     Links:


Oh yeah, I’m feelin this one! Great atmosphere and an R&B and classic Hip-Hop vibe fill the track with a good feeling. It’s a free download, so be sure to claim your copy and support this great new music artist out of Boston! Awesome track! Sevnth Wonder is a cool artist for sure, so I can’t wait to hear more of his future sounds! Check it out! Your ears will go, “ahhhh” and that’s always a good thing! Take a listen.


Artist: Sascha Braemer

Location: Berlin, Germany       Genre: Electronic       Link:


I happen to like this mix very much. It’s two hours of epic sounds, so be prepared to party! As the title says, the tape will ready you and your friends for a night of dancing! Think of it as the party to the party, so play this and don’t get worn out on your way to the party! This is also a FREE TAPE! Jump on it and use your cash to get a water bottle. You’ll need the hydration while listening to this hot sound!



Jack Lozeron
Location: Las Vegas, United States                         Genre: Progressive House
My Favorite track so far has been “Bird Machine”, keep reading and everything changes. At first I was like ok, now I’m like this is cool! I’ll be looking forward to future developments in JackEL’s music. I feel like everyday day is Christmas when I hear “Bird Machine”.
Bird machine is clever, very clever. If it wasn’t for that song I don’t know how I’d get up to finish my posting duties but then came…

I’m Blue (JackEL Remix) – Eiffel65

This is a good remix to a familiar friend I’ve known for years, Eiffel 65’s classic song, “I’m Blue.” The remix is cool, so much so that I reposted it on soundcloud and played it again and again! Now this track is my favorite. It’s great and as for JackEL’s other works, you simply have to check em out. You must do yourself a favor and hit play.

Then discover “Fire Storm”! I’m telling you, discover “Fire Storm”.  “Bird Machine” was woah, “I’m Blue Remix” was wow and “Fire Storm” was woooooah with some great samples there, but I just wish it was a longer song. Too Short!

Why are all these hot songs I like short? That’s when I hear this…. . The problem is solved because this mashup that follows “Fire Storm” is CRAZY.  ENJOY!! Oh and then there’s the song, “Like A Pyramid Scheme”….see what happens when you listen? You can’t stop and just want to keep listening. That’s the mark of good music wouldn’t you say???  Just HIT PLAY!

Don’t forget to tune in next week for post 6 and more fresh free tunes and news! Till next time music lovers!!!

Peace & Viva Good Music!!!