Feb 23rd – March 2nd


Tracks/Sets : “Das EFX feat. Redman – Rap Scholar (Remix/Headphone Mix) , Beatmix 2014 Pt. 1
Location: Schiedam, Netherlands
Genre: Hip-Hop

My entry into the world of Hip-Hop started in the early 90’s with Wu-Tang Clan. From there I traveled back and forth in time and all I knew was…the beats. The beats, the beats, the beats! Sometimes I didn’t need the lyrics, sometimes good instrumentals were all I’d need to get through a stressful time. Alchemist, 9thWonder, Madlib, and Apollo Brown (to name a few) all made beats that chilled me out. Some rare samples, full drums and a melody that was mad mellow and soon I’m lounging forgetting my troubles. Da Landlord’s music gives me that feeling. It is the same feeling that my favorite producers gave me, head boppin, zone out music with good vibes to take me away to another place. Landlord has made many projects, I highly recommend checking them out! The vinyl sound, jazz memories, the drums that fill his beats provide the listener a soulful listening session. This is a sound you not only listen to, but experience!

From his Souncloud page,
“Robin Dijkstra AKA Da Landlord, born in Schiedam on January 6th 1989, started making music in 2006. At the time he was always listening to productions from producers such as Easy Mo Bee, Dj Premier and Pete Rock. This influenced him to start chopping up old jazztunes, soulbreaks and almost everything he thought was worth using.” For FREE tracks (yes!), and an extended bio be sure to visit



Track : “Spiral” from the album, “Dans De Mode”
Location: Tasmania, Australia
Genre: Electronic

The Electronic genre is one of my favorite genres. It can be upbeat and mysterious at the same time. In This Mode caught my attention at about 3am today. I was posting promo for this blog when I accidentally stumbled across the video for Spiral. I’m happy I did! Spiral is an awesome video with great visuals, crisp vocals and a bangin sound. The singer’s silhouette against the dark evolving space immediately grew on me. 30 seconds into the video I was like, “Ok…ok there is something to this. I don’t know what it is…but I need to listen a bit more.” After it was over I played it again and knew I had to share it. The lyrics include “0..1..1..2..3..5..8 it’s a spiral spiralin out.”

The numbers stood out because I couldn’t label a meaning to them, but that’s exactly what I liked about the song. It just had this thumping hypnotic element that makes you let go and listen. Then the sounds wash over you. The effect is quite soothing. The video had given me a Depeche Mode/ nostalgic feeling to the early days of MTV’s late night music video blocks. The visuals, the vocals and the rhythm all gave off this good trance vibe. According to SJE Records “Spiral is the 2nd track off the Album Dans De Mode by In This Mode. Upbeat vibes, elements of trance and an old school Aussie rock vocal can be heard through this album.” Sounds like good news to me! Can’t wait for more.
Additional links to check out! See more at:

Album teaser here

Get the Song on HQ mp3 here

Tune in to the “In This Mode Hour” each Sunday 4-5pm Sydney (Australia) time





Location: North Dassota Nodak, Minnessota, United States
Tracks: North Dakota Cypher (D1) , Da Cypher 2
Genre: Hip-Hop
As mentioned, I join a lot of music groups on Facebook in hopes of promoting my music and mixes. I’m not the only one though, many artists are doing the same, but when a group of talented individuals come together the results are even better. Strength in numbers is certainly true in this case. I love it when a collective group of talent comes together in any art form.

The North Dassota Project Cyphers 1 & 2 gave me a Fort Minor/Kendrick vibe that I thought was cool. There is a talent and a raw hunger here that will continue to grow with each day, so check out this latest collective of young emcees. From their Soundcloud page: “A collection of unsigned acts in the North Dakota/Minnesota region. There is more to come! Artist in this area feel free to join our official group @ Sound like a group to watch, check them out because greatness starts from acts that bond together. Enjoy the Cyphers!

Check back for more updates this week! Till next time!