Let’s get this show started!

I’m DJ O, The Engineer and this is MUSIC BEATS EVERYTHING, The New Sound and Art Blog!

This blog aims to promote the work of musicians, producers, singers, writers, emcees, djs, poets, painters and everyone who has something to contribute to the evolution of art and music!

My story of how all this came to be started back in May of 2012. One day at lunch, while experimenting with Garageband on the ipad, a friend suggested I listen to a music website called Soundcloud. At the time I had no idea what Soundcloud was, but once I logged in I was immediately flooded with a feeling of renewal. New fresh sounds and vocals from people I never heard of filled my ears. It was different and refreshing to hear music I wasn’t used to, from voices other than signed music artists.

I was also surprised to discover that I could upload my own sounds and share them with the world. Using the ipad to record samples and post instrumentals online I noticed a change in my usual routine. I felt happier. I remembered feeling this way during college when I volunteered to work at the campus radio station and newspaper. That feeling of renewal was now being revived through the internet.

As months passed I had a growing desire to share my music with more people and slowly started djing. Once I discovered Garageband on the Mac and began using it I eventually graduated to Logic Pro X. Over time everything I did became music related. Friends would ask, “What is the name of that song you’re listening to?”, or “That’s a dope beat man, where did you get it?! “.  That’s when I realized I needed to create a blog.

Eventually, I met other artists on the path to the next big sound on Facebook! Now I can share their work as well as mine through this blog. There are so many songs I’d like to share with you. Stay tuned for weekly updates on my productions, emerging artists, links to free music, mixtapes, art and more!

Welcome to MUSIC BEATS EVERYTHING! Let’s make 2014 rock!!

– O