The Art of Dirty Six & More Fresh Free Music!

Wgirl_red( “Wu-Tang Is For The Girls” – Dirty Six )

Welcome back Music Lovers! Things have been hectic lately. Moving to a new place, a new fiction blog and a new music project have all been in the works for a while! Now after some time planning it’s all starting to come together, but more of that in the next post.

For now just know I’ve been listening to some amazing music and discovering some awesome art.

Whether enjoying or producing it, seeing so much cool art lately has led me to get back to my roots as a writer to create some of my own. Even though I’m a fan/creator of beats and mixes, I don’t want to lose the art of writing.

So today I’m using that art to let you guys know about some more amazing art and music.

Let’s get into it.


The Art of Dirty Six


The image above is titled, “Mask” and it is a digital artwork from an artist known as Dirty Six. I first took note of this artist from Munich, Germany while promoting Music Beats Everything on Facebook. I was posting promo links when I came across a sketch of a young girl that Dirty Six had made.


So I commented on the pic because I thought this was pretty cool and this wonderful artist sent me links and I took the time to discover more. I’m happy I did because now I’m a fan and that is how this article was born.


Puppet Fight


It’s hard to pick one favorite work by Dirty Six, because his collections really stand out, but if I had to pick one piece it would be “Puppet Fight”. I think it would make an awesome shirt. Shirts were on my mind that night as I browsed the art. That’s when I also discover that Dirty Six signature art style is also available as a shirt, or hoodie or jacket. That’s cool! Discover it here!
Still, the story of a kid saving the day in his own world jumped out at me and I can only hope Dirty Six comes out with this shirt sometime in the future . Being the master of a make-believe world invoked a childhood memory and curiosity in me that pushed me to discover more of his work, so the more I clicked, the more I enjoyed the art style and narratives of Dirty Six.
Soon plot ideas had begun to take shape in my mind as a result of viewing the images, so you can say the images also inspired me to create my own stories that you’ll be able to read soon. Admiring good art also helps me to create more, so I continued scrolling!
Then I came across the Graffiti influence and that was when I began bookmarking Dirty’s pages.

Kitty Rage

Graffiti culture is represented in Dirty Six’s work and that’s something I connected to as a child of the 80’s growing up in the South Bronx. I remember the bombed out 2 and 5 train cars that stopped me in my tracks, awestruck every time I saw them. Along with tags and other graffiti outside in the park I always thought the style was cool, so naturally I found the “Graffiti Girl” series enjoyable.



The above image is also available as a shirt! If that wasn’t cool enough Dirty Six also has a collection of different signature clothing with art available from this series too! Here’s the link.

The shirts are serious. Do not sleep on them!

I’m thinking of picking one or two or three once payday hits, before you guys come and buy them all! There are several other clever ones I liked that pop out at the viewer. There’s also a Hip-Hop influence present. The opening image to this post is an example. (“Wu-Tang Is For The Girls” was sick piece) There are influences from “classy design and pinup style” in Dirty Six’s work as well that I thought rocked.

Another aspect of the artwork that I like was the range of moods present. Dirty Six explores themes that  range from dark and somber to playful and comic. The darker works such as “Hanged” and “MetalMouth” depict their own dark twisted tale, while other pieces like “Puppet Fight” and “The Brain Worms” are comical with a bit of dark edge.  There is a memorable and clever story at work in each of the images that poke the viewer as if to say, “Hey…wake up!”


The Brainworms

From a viewers perspective I felt that some pieces told a dark and mysterious tale, while others were seductive in more of the pin-up style of art.  Some of the darker works depicted on Dirty Six’s page are among my favorite. I’ve always enjoyed an askew vision in art because it has helped me to see things from a different perspective. I guess that’s the magic of great art!

From Dirty Six online about page you’ll discover more about the artist in his own words.

“Starting with graffiti and streetart in 1998 I early found my love in digital design and painting. I did some art exhibitions between 2006 and 2009 while attending the HTL Salzburg department for art&design. Since 2009 I’m working in the computer-games industry and found my passion in fashion design.
I started the label “Restricted Clothing” in 2010 influenced from street art, underground hip hop culture as well as classy design and pinup style.”

Check out his Digital Painting Gallery here.


Last Thoughts: The ability to provoke ideas, stories and emotions is the power of amazing art.  Inspiring is the word that comes up when I see an artwork created by Dirty Six, so I’ve been fortunate to discover that. Now for payday to get here, so I can rock my shades with a Dirty Six shirt in time for the Summer season! God is great man and so are these links! Check them out!









Marvin Gaye – Grapevine (Autograf Remix)[Free Download]

Marvin Gaye? Remix? Free? I’m sold! Take my repost and download click as applause!



Notixx – Wake Up (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Nice! Very nice!! This is my jam man! Official energy here like a shot of Redbull and an ice cube in my shirt. I WAKE UP!! LOVE IT!



FuShion – Solar Sun Chapter 2 (Free Download)

Starts very strong. Good chill Summer vibes here. Wasn’t feeling the speed up Poundcake toward the end of the mix, but FuShion manages to reclaim the energy on Greenlight. Check it out!


Miami Horror – Real Slow (Tropicool Remix)[Free Download]


Break out a pair of shades, a white dress jacket and prepare to drive with the top down. I felt so chilled listening to this.

Well, that’s all for now Music Lovers! Stay Tuned for updates on my mix and fiction projects, as well as more fresh free music links and  amazing art news on Music Beats Everything!

Till next time my friends! Viva Good Music!













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