The Art of Dirty Six & More Fresh Free Music!

Wgirl_red( “Wu-Tang Is For The Girls” – Dirty Six )

Welcome back Music Lovers! Things have been hectic lately. Moving to a new place, a new fiction blog and a new music project have all been in the works for a while! Now after some time planning it’s all starting to come together, but more of that in the next post.

For now just know I’ve been listening to some amazing music and discovering some awesome art.

Whether enjoying or producing it, seeing so much cool art lately has led me to get back to my roots as a writer to create some of my own. Even though I’m a fan/creator of beats and mixes, I don’t want to lose the art of writing.

So today I’m using that art to let you guys know about some more amazing art and music.

Let’s get into it.


The Art of Dirty Six


The image above is titled, “Mask” and it is a digital artwork from an artist known as Dirty Six. I first took note of this artist from Munich, Germany while promoting Music Beats Everything on Facebook. I was posting promo links when I came across a sketch of a young girl that Dirty Six had made.


So I commented on the pic because I thought this was pretty cool and this wonderful artist sent me links and I took the time to discover more. I’m happy I did because now I’m a fan and that is how this article was born.


Puppet Fight


It’s hard to pick one favorite work by Dirty Six, because his collections really stand out, but if I had to pick one piece it would be “Puppet Fight”. I think it would make an awesome shirt. Shirts were on my mind that night as I browsed the art. That’s when I also discover that Dirty Six signature art style is also available as a shirt, or hoodie or jacket. That’s cool! Discover it here!
Still, the story of a kid saving the day in his own world jumped out at me and I can only hope Dirty Six comes out with this shirt sometime in the future . Being the master of a make-believe world invoked a childhood memory and curiosity in me that pushed me to discover more of his work, so the more I clicked, the more I enjoyed the art style and narratives of Dirty Six.
Soon plot ideas had begun to take shape in my mind as a result of viewing the images, so you can say the images also inspired me to create my own stories that you’ll be able to read soon. Admiring good art also helps me to create more, so I continued scrolling!
Then I came across the Graffiti influence and that was when I began bookmarking Dirty’s pages.

Kitty Rage

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