Learning Logic Pro X, Bane, Terrors & More Fresh Free Music!


Welcome back Music Lovers!!! Today is full of new life, new music and new discoveries! This week I found a helpful new video, finished up a remix, discovered a new music artist and heard some fresh free music.

Some of you may know that I have produced some beats on an Ipad 2 and on the Mac’s Garageband. You can check out a mix I made with Garageband here. https://soundcloud.com/djotheengineer/the-cracked-mixtape-vol-1


You can also check out the rest of my sounds here https://soundcloud.com/djotheengineer/tracks   My goal is to take my music to the next level and improve upon it by merging all genres of music with samples from movies, videogames, and animation. I want to create a force of future energy sounds that will make your body move and your head bop!

Now I’m taking the steps that many producers who like working with Mac, but feel the limits of Garageband, take. I want a BIG SOUND, more options, more instruments, and better drums! I like Fruity Loops, but love working on my Mac, so what choice do I have?

Enter Logic Pro X!

Over the next posts I’ll be updating you on my journey into the depths of this music creation software. Beats, mixes, and remixes! It’s going to a be a long road, but one that will produce new sounds!

Lacking the money for audio engineering classes I just decided to make a go of it and teach myself the theory and principles behind the applied science of music production.  Why not? I’m not the first and certainly won’t be the last to ever become a student and teacher of the DAW simultaneously.  Besides I’ve always loved good banging beats and with Youtube, and a supportive DAW community I can finally realize my vision for epic beats!! YES!

The video below is a general intro that highlights the beginner, stripped down mode of Logic Pro X. If you are coming from Garageband like me, this video does a great job of outlining the basics. The instructor guides you through the interface in Logic’s unadvanced mode, which he calls, “Garageband Pro”.  I have no issues with that, but I know some out there who complain about the program’s similarity to GB. So what? Any advance program that can make my music sound massive is a welcome plus!

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 2.48.57 AM

Watching it I was happy to know that many of the controls, commands and functions remain largely the same.  Keep an open mind and be patient and you”l learn some great useful info that will ease your stress about the program. I like how Apple makes things intuitive for the users like me, who are new to the software and do not possess a massive info on music production. I started making music on an ipad, then found GB and now I’m here, so I’m ready to begin!

I still use Garageband 11 and below you’ll find a remix I did on the program. Makina’s “Elusive” came up on my playlist one day while I was mixing. I didn’t even realize I had the song, so I paired it with a sample from Conan, The Barbarian and it felt good. I love that movie and am making my own song with it, but all of a sudden I decide the fight scene between Bane and Batman in “The Dark Knight Rises” would fit the track better in the form of a remix. I sampled some of the villian’s dialouge and inserted it into the edited portions of the track. Afterward I cut it up some more, so think of this as fan tribute to Tom Hardy’s “Bane” and Makina’s “Elusive. Here it is! A free download! Like, Share and Enjoy the remix!




Location: Morris Park, The Bronx      Genre: Electronic


I love the library. I love to sit there and listen to these beats. I often compose projects in the library. It’s great because hardly anyone comes and I can chill with my headphones. I plug my headphones into the mac on the long abandoned table and start Facebooking. (My new word of the day or maybe it was invented before, anyways I’m Facebooking!) Looking through articles, trying to promote this little blog, my beats, and new music I come across something.  Lo and behold the skies open and the God of Dope Beats shows me a sign in the form of Ruth Papazian, a fellow Facebook user who responded to my plug for this blog!

“Hey , Did you see my post on Stef Lebaux?” she wrote.

In my mind I was like, “Hmm, who is Stef Lebaux?” I hit her link. It helps to have an open mind because many times people dismiss things based on surface observations. It said Bronx Hipster in the link, so I didn’t know what to think at the time. I’m happy I ignored it because I discovered an awesome new sound. Maybe you may have heard of this artist or maybe not, in any case here is an important link to familiarize yourself with her sound.

 Lebaux’s “indie electronic” style is ver much inspired by the 90s trip hop genre. Her influences include Portishead, Radiohead and Massive Attack. I am a fan of these artist and that info told me I was heading in the right direction. Hear her music and tell me if it doesn’t invoke the spirit of these performers. I always like to listen to this music at night. Night time is the right time and when the lights are low the beats from Lebaux’s music will move you.

Tracks like “Terrors” and “Lust Coma” provide addictive basslines, beats and tight vocal work. It’s a pleasure to listen to this music because it gave me that 90’s trip hop feel and at one point I was reminded of Massive Attack and Tricky. Lebaux makes awesome tunes that lift the spirit and take you higher! Hit the links below to discover her representing my home, The Bronx in the “Battle of the Boroughs” on April 4th at “The Greene Space”. Follow “The Greene Space” on Twitter to get links to a live stream, a ballot and photos of the performers. She has my vote for best artist in “Battle of the Boroughs”! Check the links to discover more and support the sound of music artist Stef Lebaux!

http://steflebaux.com/   https://www.facebook.com/StefLebaux




Black Tiger Sex Machine

Location: Montreal, Canada     Genre: Electro House


From Soundcloud Bio: “We perform a unique show which is part DJ-set, part live, in which we combine tracks, loops, drums, samples and synths into an intense barrage of sounds and beats, all while wearing our trademark Tiger Helmets. Welcome to our Church.”

Woah! These guys rock! Seriously! I felt the music and now let the rhythm of this Electro House track take you…higher!  Feel the rise….feel that epic ascent and drop! Black Tiger Sex Machine went on a crazy session in the studio and the sound is massive. Think Godzilla moving through the city! What are you waiting for? Listen and download this epic sound on blast now!

Black Tiger Sex Machine x Dead Battery – Rapid Fire | FREE DOWNLOAD

This mix below is also epic, so I had to include it because I like the movie, “Drive” and futuristic cinematic sounds.  These guys are serious with the badass music! Discover and download it! Dust off your scorpion jacket and drive off into the night with sounds from the future! This group has also made a series of cinematic mixes so check them out! FREE. YES. COOL!

Well that’s all I got for now. Stay tuned for more fresh free music and other cool music news in post 7!  Viva Good Music!

– O



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