Reactions to Kelvin Doe, a.k.a. DJ Focus from Sierra Leone & More Fresh, Free Music!

Welcome to post 4 my fellow music lovers! I came across this video through a link on Facebook dated 2012 and even though it’s an old story, the inspiration of it is timeless. This is a true story of then 15 year old Kelvin Doe, aka DJ Focus, who is known for teaching himself engineering at the age of 13 to aid his community. Doe sets an example for many youngsters with the idea that creativity and imagination can be agents of positive change in the world.

In the video, Doe explains how he helped his family and everyone in the poverty stricken community of Sierra Leone by using the power of technology and music. Digging through trash bins, the teen was able to make use of scrap metal and discarded electronic devices to build his own radio station, batteries and generators using advanced techniques fundamental to reverse engineering.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 5.19.48 PM

Known as DJ Focus, Doe plays music and broadcasts news. He adopted the name because of his belief that anything is possible if you just focus. This amazing young man proves that with enough determination and commitment anything is possible. To support young innovators like Kelvin, please visit

Enjoy the inspiring video!




Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap


“Can’t Hold Us Remix”

Ellis D provides humorous samples from the movie Half Baked, fresh new raps over a Macklemore beat, and an overall good feeling! What more can you ask for? Oh did I mention it’s also a FREE DOWNLOAD?! YES! You gotta give this one a listen and throw your hands up in the air while you’re at it!


Artist: Freedom Fighters

Genre: Progressive Trance/Psytrance   Location: Tel Aviv, Israel


Freedom Fighters & Pixel – “Trick n’ Treat” (The Big Smashup)

Links to Facebook & Youtube:

Excerpt from Soundcloud Bio:

“Freedom Fighters is the musical project of producer Shahaf Efrat (1989), from Tel Aviv, Israel.
Shahaf has been producing his own original music since 2005 and with a rapid rise to fame, performing worldwide since 2007.
Freedom Fighters music can be best described as Techno oriented Progressive Psytrance mixed with everyday life experiences. Whether its heavy underground psychedelic sound or a crystal clear techno oriented tune, one can be sure to recognize the unique signature sound in every track produced.”

My Take: Whenever an experienced music maker offers a mix, mashup, or an original tune free, I jump on it. In doing so I’m introduced to more great music. This time it’s Progressive Trance and Freedom Fighters is an another awesome example of a new take on established music genre. I had a good time listening to this and his other work. Check it out!


Relaxing Music Artist of The Week:

Need a Name


Dario Lupo, aka, Need a Name. Genre: Ambient. Location: Melodies From Outer Space.

From Soundcloud Bio: “I create emotional, nostalgic ambient music featuring
larger-than-space reverbs.”  Links to Official Page & Facebook:

Emotional, electronic and cinematic are just some of the words that describe Need A Name’s ambient music. Music artist, Dario Lupo makes use of piano, guitar and ambient sounds found in nature to produce a calm, soothing effect on the listener. Perfect music to relax, listen to his remix of Umber’s “The Day We Left For Earth” or “White Truffle” (My Favorite) or any of his other wonderful original productions. Listening to these tracks invoked memories of Sigur Ros and a bit of Eksi Ekso, but I was in an atmospheric state of total serenity by Dario Lupo’s own sound. Blood Pressure will be lowered and the music will wash stress away, but for best results listen with headphones on the way home from work. The tunes also work well for an evening of ambient listening in the crib.

Highly recommended.

Well that’s all for now! Be sure to drop by this Friday for more news on upcoming tunes, art and fresh free music! Till next time…

Peace & Viva Good Music!

– O


2 thoughts on “Reactions to Kelvin Doe, a.k.a. DJ Focus from Sierra Leone & More Fresh, Free Music!

  1. Thanks to this review I became interested in the music of Dario Lupo. I love this music. The reviewer is right, it’s a stress reliever.

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